How To Fix Error Code 901 In Roblox

error code 901

Many players are now accessing the Roblox game each day because of its worldwide popularity nowadays. With its millions of exciting games to choose from, no wonder not only kids but also adult gamers fell in love with this game.

Just like in other online games, Roblox players also suffer from unexpected game errors and other difficulties connecting to the game. 

One of the main reasons why some players encounter a hard time accessing the game, especially Xbox users is the Roblox Error Code 901. This is the most common error that every Xbox user encounters while playing their favorite Roblox game.

Learn more about the error code 901 and why this type of error interrupts you from entering the game.

What Are The Causes Of Error Code 901 In Roblox

These are the most common reasons why some players encounter this kind of error in Roblox while playing on their Xbox console.

1. Account issue – Account-related problems can also trigger the error code 901 to appear while accessing the game. A banned Roblox account is one of the most common reasons why this error occurs.

2. DNS server problem in Xbox – A slow or unstable DNS server can also interfere with your request to access the game.

3. Game files issue – this error code 901 will suddenly occur if the Roblox game won’t launch in every Xbox Series X or other similar gaming device.

4. Unexpected Bugs – An outdated Roblox app can trigger this error due to corrupted game files and system crashes in the game folders.

5. Xbox problems – most of the Roblox problems are caused by unexpected errors or slow internet connection but there are rare cases that the problem is in the Xbox console itself. 

Make sure to identify the main reason why you have been interrupted by the error code 901 and try our list of common troubleshooting procedures to get rid of this Roblox problem in Xbox.

How To Fix Error Code 901 In Roblox

If you already know the causes of the game interruption, you can follow these quick and easy troubleshooting guides to resolve the problem instantly.

1. Check Your Account Status

banned account

The first thing you must do is to verify your account if it is still available and not banned from the game. To confirm your account status, try to use another gaming device to see if you can access the game, or try to use another Roblox account and see the result.

2. Change Your Dns Settings On The Xbox

To change your DNS server on Xbox, follow these steps:

Press the Xbox button and choose the Xbox settings

Press the General option and click the Network settings

Go to Advanced settings and click the DNS settings

Press manual

Change the primary DNS to and

Restart the Xbox console afterward

3. Update The Xbox Console

update console

An outdated Xbox console can also trigger this kind of error to appear because the new version of the Roblox app didn’t match the current version of your Xbox console.

Go to the Settings menu and click the System option

Select the Update menu and click on Update Console

Click Start Update and wait until the updating process is completely finished

Restart the console afterward

4. Reboot Or Hard Reset The Xbox Console

restart console

If you feel that there’s a problem with your Xbox console, try to reboot it to refresh your device.

Long press the Xbox logo button on your Xbox controller

In a pop-up screen, select the “Restart console”

Wait for a few minutes and try to relaunch the Roblox to see if it works

To hard reset your Xbox console, follow these steps:

Long press the power button for 5-10 seconds

Wait until it shuts down before you release the power button

After this process, try to log in to your Roblox account and see if it works

5. Uninstall & Re-install The Roblox


If rebooting and updating your Roblox app didn’t solve the problem, you may consider re-installing the app to have the latest version of the game files. Follow these simple steps on how to uninstall and re-install the Roblox app on the Xbox:

Go to “My games & apps” on your Xbox

Select the menu button on your controller

Choose the “Manage games and add-ons”

Now select the “Uninstall all” to completely remove the Roblox app on your device

Once the Roblox has been deleted, try to reinstall the app from the Xbox store

Look for the Roblox game from your library and click “ready to install”

After reinstalling the game, log in to your account and see if this procedure works

And That’s It!

You can try all these troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue in a more convenient way. 

If none of these procedures work, feel free to message us so that we can fix your Roblox problem right away. Our team is composed of skilled video game enthusiasts knowledgeable about the Roblox world.

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