How to Fix Error Code 524 in Roblox

Roblox is a massive platform where millions of active players access the game each day and since it is widely popular, it is expected that there are some Roblox games that are overpopulated.

Although there are plenty of servers that can accommodate all these players but some of them are choosing to purchase VIP or private servers for their gaming privacy. 

Even though private servers offer exclusive rewards and a better gaming experience, there is still no assurance to avoid any Roblox error that private server owners might encounter and one of these errors is Error Code 524.

This error will pop up on your screen with the caption “Not authorized to join this game” which prevents you from joining an exclusive server such as VIP or private server. 

How to Fix Error Code 524 in Roblox

Well, if you think you have permission or access to join exclusive servers, maybe one of our examples is the main reason why you are experiencing this kind of error while entering a specific Roblox server.

What are the causes of Error Code 524 in Roblox

Learn these common factors why some players suddenly experience the error code 524 that prevents them from entering the Roblox game.

Account age restriction – In several cases, Roblox accounts below 30 days old encounter server restrictions in some Roblox games due to Game Creator’s privacy settings.

Restricted server – If the Game creator or the private server owner kicks you from the server due to bad behavior or mass reporting, the Error code 524 will suddenly prevent you from joining the game.

VIP restricted area – This kind of error will occur if the player doesn’t have access to any VIP server and suddenly joins a VIP server.

Outdated Roblox app – An old version of the Roblox app can also trigger this kind of error due to missing files or incomplete update status of the game.

Game Creator’s Profile Settings – If the Game creator changes the privacy settings of the server from public to private, all players inside the server will automatically be kicked out and cannot join the game.

If you encounter this kind of error while accessing the game, check the main reasons why this error occurs and fix it right away with the help of the most common troubleshooting methods below.

How to fix Error Code 524 in Roblox

Here are the most common troubleshooting methods you can use to resolve the error code you encounter while accessing the Roblox game. 

Check your Roblox Account Age

Check your Roblox Account Age

The majority of the Roblox game creators restricted new players or newbies from joining their servers due to the reason that most of the newly created accounts are from hackers or scammers who are permanently banned from their previous accounts.

That’s why whenever you join a game that has this kind of restriction, you will be automatically kicked from the server and the Error code 524 will occur. To fix this issue, all you have to do is wait until your newly created account is at least 30 days old or more to avoid any restrictions from joining the game.

Change invitation settings

Change invitation settings

If you own a private server or you have a friend who owns private servers and you have permission to join their server but this error keeps on blocking you from entering, you need to change your invitational settings. 

 – Log in to your Roblox account

  – In the Roblox lobby, click the gear icon on the upper right side of the screen

  – Click the settings menu and select Privacy

  – Change the invitational settings to allow “everyone” so that you can join their private server

  – Save changes and relaunch the Roblox game\

Check if you have the permission to join VIP Server

A VIP server is an exclusive server owned by a VIP player or Roblox premium account user where they can play their favorite Roblox game alone or with friends. If the Error code 524 suddenly pops up on your screen, it means that you are not allowed to join or you don’t have access to join their VIP server. Error Code 533 involves similar account permission problems.

Update the Roblox app

An outdated Roblox app can cause unusual behavior and unexpected system errors that can also trigger Error code 524 to occur. To resolve the issue, install the pending updates of the Roblox app to add more files of the latest version to prevent any interruptions while accessing the game.

Re-install the Roblox app

Re-install the Roblox app

 If none of the four troubleshooting methods work, you may consider re-installing the Roblox app to replace the old version with the new one. 

  – Uninstall your current Roblox app then restart your PC

  – Open your browser and download Roblox

  – Once the game is already installed, log in to your account and see if it works

All Roblox players encounter different game issues and errors even if you’re a VIP player or just an ordinary player in the game. All you need is to learn different troubleshooting guides to resolve any problems you might face while playing your favorite Roblox game.

If you are still facing other game issues while accessing the Roblox app, feel free to message us so that we can help you fix the problem in a faster and more convenient way.

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