How To Fix Error Code 400 In Roblox

How To Fix Error Code 400 In Roblox

Error Code 400 in Roblox is another kind of Roblox error that occurs due to an unstable internet connection between the client side or the server side while accessing the game.

If the players encounter “Bad Request” or error 400, they must check the Roblox server status if it is available or check their internet connection speed status. 

To learn more about this error and how to fix it, follow these simple step-by-step troubleshooting guides to resolve the problem immediately.

What Are The Causes Of Error Code 400 In Roblox

Here are the following reasons why some players experience this kind of error when accessing the game.

1. Roblox Server Issue – error code 400 occurs when the Roblox game services are temporarily unavailable or the Roblox servers are under maintenance.

2. Internet Connection Problem – A slow internet connection can lead to request timeouts which prevent the players from accessing the game.

3. Roblox Folder Cache – corrupted app cache caused by unexpected system crashes and other malware issues can interfere with the players accessing the game.

4. Misconfigured Network Settings – All your files may be at risk from unwanted programs and suspicious malware if your network settings are not configured correctly.

5. DNS server issue – An unstable or slow DNS server can trigger this kind of error to occur in the game.

Search for the main reason why this error suddenly occurs while accessing the game and look for an alternative solution to fix this problem in our list below.

How To Fix Error Code 400 In Roblox

Here are some useful troubleshooting procedures that you can use to fix error code 400 in Roblox. Choose the most suitable step-by-step procedures to resolve the problem instantly.

1. Check The Roblox Status

Check The Roblox Status

Before you fix the problem in Roblox, make sure that the Roblox server status is now available. To find out the current server status, visit their website to know the latest developments of ongoing server maintenance.

2. Restart Your Internet Connection

Restart Your Internet Connection

This is the most common and fastest way to fix the error code 400 in Roblox. All you have to do is restart your router and gaming device at the same time. Wait for a few minutes and make sure that your internet connection is stable before turning it on. Checking credentials applies to error codes 292, 517, 403 and 429 too.”

You can also try using another internet connection to find out if there’s a problem with your current internet connection or mobile hotspot feature if you are using a mobile phone in playing Roblox.

3. Clear Roblox Folder Cache

Clear Roblox Folder Cache

Some Roblox players encounter this kind of error if their browser cache and cookies are outdated or have been corrupted. All you have to do is to clear all your browser data and cache to resolve the problem in the game.

4. Run Windows Troubleshooter

Run Windows Troubleshooter

If your network settings have been misconfigured, try to run the Windows Diagnostic Troubleshooter to scan for possible network issues. If a problem is found, the troubleshooter will fix the network issues right away.

Follow these steps to run the Windows Troubleshooter in Windows 10

Go to the Windows menu and click the Windows settings

Click the Update & Security 

Look for the Troubleshoot icon on the left side of the screen and click it

Go to the Additional troubleshooters and click the Internet Connection menu

Run the troubleshooter to start scanning and wait until it fixes the issue

If the process is complete, close the Windows settings and relaunch the Roblox game

5. Switch To A Third-party Dns Server

Switch To A Third-party Dns Server

You may experience the “Bad Request” or error code 400 if the DNS server you are using is unstable or having some issues. To fix the problem, change the DNS server address to a new one.

Go to the Windows menu and click the Windows settings

Hit the Network & Internet option and click the properties of Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on the connection you are using

Click Edit to change the IP assignment 

Change the IP settings to manual and enable the IPv4

Set the DNS to and, click OK

Restart your PC afterward

And That’s It!

Search for the most accurate procedure in our list to resolve the problem in accessing the game. You may also try all of these guides until one of these guides works so that you are now able to play your favorite Roblox game.

If none of these works, you may consider re-installing the Roblox app to create a new folder with updated cache files and a malware-free system. 

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