UnEqual Codes

Having a better ability is an advantage in this game in terms of PVP match but it takes time and luck to obtain. It consumes lots of in-game cash before acquiring it. Our UnEqual Codes will help you to power up your character and earn extra cash to obtain the legendary abilities that you wished for. Use these game codes for other exciting rewards and game boosters for free.

UnEqual Codes

List of Active UnEqual Codes

Redeem all of these game codes to receive exclusive items such as cash, exp boosters, stat points, and stat reset codes. Make sure you use all of these game codes before they expire in the upcoming game updates.


List of Expired UnEqual Codes

These game codes are already expired and are no longer working. Wait for the game updates for the new set of game codes.


How To Redeem UnEqual Codes

– Launch the UnEqual in Roblox

– Click the Menu tab on the upper left side of the screen

– Click the Twitter codes icon 

– Enter the codes in the textbox

– Press enter key on your keyboard and receive your rewards

About the game

If you are looking for a non-stop action game in Roblox, you should try this game. By playing UnEqual in Roblox, you can experience time-to-time action gameplay just like before. UnEqual is a fighting game simulator in Roblox where you need to take up all the quests to earn game exp and cash to build up your fighting character.

This game was inspired by Unordinary, a popular webcomic in the US about a teenager who possesses unthinkable powers and abilities. This means the game is all about fighting all the time to reach the top level. Before the adventure begins, customize your fighting character to have a cooler appearance in the game. Compete with the best fighter using your powerful abilities to complete your journey in the world of UnEqual.

talking to npc in UnEqual

UnEqual was created by RetroBite on August 29, 2022, and reached 984 thousand visits as of today. The game focuses on how you create a complete fighter build using the best abilities that you can obtain in the game. Earn much cash as you can to purchase different kinds of abilities.

You can change your abilities anytime you want as long as you have enough cash in the game. Each ability has different classifications, from common ability to legendary ability which you can obtain if luck was on your side. Explore the map and fight against NPC mobs or other players for extra rewards. 

UnEqual is a fighting game adventure in Roblox where you will create the best fighter in the game. Before you proceed to the game, you will customize your character to have a unique appearance and the adventure will begin.

Take all the in-game quests to receive exp and cash that you will use in obtaining the abilities needed in your daily grinding. Set up now your best PVP technique and combos to overcome all the enemies across the map. Be the most powerful fighter with the help of legendary abilities and be on top in the game leaderboards. Are you willing to take the challenge?

UnEqual Frequently Asked Question

What is unequal codes?

These are the free game codes that contain exclusive items such as cash, exp booster, and stat points. You can obtain them by using the list of codes we featured above.

What is rerolls in unequal codes?

Rerolls is the term used in the game that allows you to switch your abilities randomly by chance.

How to collect more unequal codes?

By following RetroBite’s Twitter account or join to their Discord group. You can also check our website for more updated UnEqual codes.

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