Sword Haven Codes

Since new players only own common swords, it seems so hard for them to finish the quest easily. It requires a lot of time to complete but don’t worry you can use the game’s free Sword Haven Codes to level up your gaming experience. Sword Haven Secret Codes contain free in-game coins to purchase different swords, free game boosters for fast farming, and lots of items for enchanting and etc. 

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List of Active Sword Haven Codes


Redeem all these codes before it expires in the next update. Each code contains in-game coins, game boosters, and freebies that you can use to explore the game.

List of Expired Sword Haven Codes


This code is no longer working so wait for the next game update to know the next list of active codes of the game.

How to Redeem Sword Haven Secret Codes

– Launch the Sword Haven in Roblox

– Click the Sword Icon located at the bottom of your game screen

– Look for the Profile Icon and click it

– In the textbox, enter the code you choose

– Click “redeem” and claim your rewards

About Sword Haven

Good news to all the players who love to play sword adventure games, there’s the newest game in Roblox that fits your style of gaming. Sword Haven in Roblox is a sword adventure game where the players can collect different kinds of powerful swords and explore the world map by defeating all the monsters in the game.

Take all the quests on every map to earn in-game coins that can be used in purchasing chests that contain the most powerful swords. Unlocked the warrior spirit inside of you and conquer the world of Sword Haven.

Sword Haven in Roblox is a sword adventure game where the players must collect different kinds of powerful swords that they can use in exploring the world maps and completing all the quests in exchange for in-game coins and items. Defeat all the monsters across the map and open various kinds of chests for the chance of getting the legendary and mythical types of swords.

my character in the base in sword haven

Be the best warrior in the game by possessing the most powerful swords and becoming the top player in world rankings. So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck in opening chests and collecting the best items across the game. 

Sword Haven Secret Codes was created by Fractured Studios on March 26, 2022, and reached 6 million visits as of today. The game is all about collecting different kinds of powerful swords with different classifications. Each of the swords is classified as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical with different sword damage.

The better weapon classification the better damage that you deal in all the monsters across the map. There are also game boosts that randomly respawn around the map which you can use to defeat all the monsters to finish the quest easily. So, equip your most powerful sword and conquer all the maps in the game.

What are the codes for sword heaven?

As we mentioned above, Sword Haven Codes contain in-game coins that can be used in  purchasing chests, free game boosters for fast farming, and additional stats to deal higher damage

Where to get more secret codes for sword heaven?

Follow @Fractured_FS on Twitter for more free codes in the game, or you can simply follow us this blog post we do update it for you.

How to Get More Sword Haven New Codes

Join Fractured Studios Discord Community Group for more updates and also Join Fractured Studios Roblox Group for more updates

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