Sword Factory X Codes

Forge the most powerful sword that possesses unmeasurable strength and damage to defeat the world’s strongest enemies and bosses with the help of Sword Factory X Codes.

These game codes contain exclusive rewards such as in-game cash and game boosters to level up your sword factory facilities.

Explore different adventure maps and defeat multiple world bosses to have the chance to loot the best-quality swords that you can use in your daily grinding.

Sword Factory X Codes

List of Active Sword Factory X Codes

These are the working codes that you can use in the game. Make sure to redeem all of them before they expire in the next update of the game.

Eduritez W

List of Expired Sword Factory X Codes

These game codes are no longer available and expired in the game. Wait for the upcoming updates of the game to receive the latest working codes of the game.


How To Redeem Sword Factory X Codes

– Launch the Sword Factory X in Roblox

– Click the shop menu on the right side of the screen

– In the shop menu click the “star codes” button 

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Click redeem and claim your rewards

About The Sword Factory X Game

Get ready for another intense action game that will test your sword-fighting skills to become the best of all. By playing Sword Factory X, build the biggest factory that produces different types of powerful swords to earn in-game currency inside your business premises.

Invite your friends and produce random-quality swords and trade with each other to maximize your sword collections together in the game. 

Sword Factory X was created by TopTier by Tailwind on March 14, 2022, and reached 26.5 million visits as of today. The objective of the game is to create your own sword factory that can generate random-quality swords and sell them to earn instant cash that you can also use to purchase other factory structures and machinery to complete your building progress.

Sword Factory X Codes

Be one of the best sword factory owners having the rarest and the most powerful swords in their collections to earn the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

Sword Factory X is a sword fighting game in Roblox where the players must maximize the level of their sword-boosting machinery to create quality swords that they can use in their boss hunting.

Unlock different world maps and fight powerful NPC mobs and bosses to earn more exclusive rewards to level up your gaming experience. Is your best sword enough to conquer the world of sword factories? Join the intense game now.

Sword Factory X Frequently Asked Question

What is the rarest sword in sword factory x?

Powerful swords can be identified by their rarity attributes that add special abilities and damage power to the swords. This means powerful swords are the ones that have the best-quality rarity attributes and Cosmic +3 is the rarest rarity attribute in the game because of its ability to add lucky multipliers to produce multiple-quality swords.

What does a blood moon do in sword factory x?

Blood Moon is a limited-time event that happens occasionally in the game where blood moon bosses will suddenly appear anywhere on the map. Kill all the blood moon bosses and get a chance to loot a sword that contains the “Bloodlust” enchant with a dropping rate of 0.0032%. These enchant will boost the damage of your sword up to 100 times during the blood moon event.

How to get good enchantments in sword factory x?

Level up your Ascender machine until it reaches the max level. This machine can improve the enchantments of the sword by increasing the luck in the Enchanter settings. It will always upgrade certain enchant of the swords to maximize their power and abilities to do more in the game.

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