Poop Tycoon Codes

In Poo Tycoon, spending real money in form of Robux to build your business empire fast and easily is just optional. You can build your dream business tower and become a game tycoon without spending real money by simply using the Poo Tycoon codes. In-game codes can help you to receive quick cash and time booster for fast earning in the game.

Me at the looby in poop tycoon codes

List of Active Poop Tycoon Codes


Redeem all of these free game codes before it expires in the next update. Each code has different rewards and freebies that you can use in the game. Enjoy!

List of Expired Poo Tycoon Codes


These game codes are no longer working but you can also try to redeem them because in some cases they received rewards by entering these expired game codes.

How to Redeem Poop Tycoon Codes

– Launch the Poo Tycoon in Roblox

– In the game screen, look for the Twitter bird icon located at the bottom of the screen

– Enter your game codes in the text box

– Click “redeem” to claim your rewards

About Poop Tycoon Codes

Are you looking for something fun and different from the usual arcade game you play? Why don’t you try this funny and a little bit silly game named Poo Tycoon? Poo Tycoon is a comedy genre game in Roblox where players will build their own businesses by generating different kinds of Poo.

Each of the poo you collect can be sold in cash (in-game currency) which you can use to build your own business empire in the game. In every rare and better poo you made, the higher value you’ll get. A much faster way to achieve your goals and be the best tycoon across the game.

Poo Tycoon Codes was created by Box7! Studios on June 20, 2022, and reached 10 million visits as of today. This game seems weird at first but it is very fun and entertaining in terms of generating different kinds of poo and building skyscraper towers just for your business platform.

chilling in the room in poo tycoon

The game is not just about collecting and spending in-game cash, you can also collect different kinds of weapons that can be used to fight other players in the game. Doing business and fighting other players at the same time on one gaming experience, sounds interesting right?

Poo Tycoon in Roblox is a comedy genre game where the players generate different kinds of poo to earn in-game cash that can be used in purchasing items, outfits, and weapons to become the best tycoon in the game.

It is not all about earning cash in the game but also testing your fighting skills against other players. Collect your best outfits and weapons and defeat all the players in the game. Be the best tycoon and a fighter at the same time by playing this newest entertaining game in Roblox named Poo Tycoon.

Why aren’t my Poo Tycoon codes working

Maybe you are using expired game codes, look for the list of active codes or Check the spelling of the game codes you entered, misspelled codes are invalid

How can I get more cash quickly after using Poo Tycoon codes

Purchased gamepass using Robux or Explore the map, there are mystery boxes that randomly respawn that contain in-game cash

What are Poo Tycoon Codes

These codes contain rewards and freebies that you can use in the game

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