Cube Defense Codes

When you play alone it seems so hard to finish the adventures because you only have the basic weapons or towers with very low damage stats. But don’t worry, all you need is the Cube Defense Codes where you can redeem various rewards such as game golds to purchase better weapons and towers in a faster way without spending real money. By the use of these free codes, you can finish as many adventures as you can. So try to redeem it now.

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List of Active Cube Defense Codes

You can redeem all of these free game codes before it expires in the next update. Each code contains useful items such as gold, game boosters, experience, and even exclusive weapon skin.


List of Expired Cube Defense Codes

All of these codes are no longer working but you can still wait for the next batch of free game codes after the game updates.


How to Redeem Cube Defense Codes

– Launch the Cube Defense in Roblox

– In the game, click the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen

– Enter your code in a textbox that will appear

– Click confirm and receive your free rewards

About the game

Did you know that you can play both the Rubix cube and the classic Tower Defense in one game? Not the same as the typical Rubix cube game you will solve the puzzle instead you will destroy all the Rubix cubes and make sure no one will survive. In Cube Defense in Roblox, all the Rubix cubes are the enemies that you need to destroy before it enters your base. So, load up now your best defensive weapons and towers and try to survive the aggression mode of all the Rubix cubes towards your base.

Cube Defense was created by Cosmic Development on August 28, 2018, and reached 68 million visits as of today. This game is so simple and easy to play just like the classic tower defense we know. But this time with a twist, a Rubix cube as the aggressor. In every stage you complete, you will receive golds that can be used to purchase better weapons or towers.

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Make sure you own the best defensive weapons to survive the onslaught of enemies. You can also team up with other players with maximum members of five to finish the waves easily. A fun and entertaining strategy game that you can play in your free time.

Cube Defense in Roblox is a strategy game genre where it has the same gameplay as the classic tower defense. The only difference here is they use a Rubix cube as the aggressor that you need to destroy before it enters your base. You can also team up with other players to finish the adventure faster than the usual solo-mode adventure.

Collect all the gold from the adventures to purchase better weapons and towers to survive in any enemy’s waves. Plan now your best strategy and finish all the adventure maps in the world of Cube Defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there codes in cube defense?

Yes, redeem all the Cube Defense codes to receive free rewards and freebies.

How do you get free gold in cube defense?

By using the free game codes or finishing the game adventures to receive free gold.

Where is the secret button in cube defense?

You can find the Secret Button within the game lobby when you enter the game.

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