Rush Point Script 

Join the most competitive FPS shooting game and start to dominate in every single round with the help of Rush Point Script. This script or code will give you high-powered tools that you can use to instantly outscore the opposing team. This also helps you obtain unlimited ammunition to wipe out all the enemies in the fastest way inside the battlefield.

Rush Point Script 

Rush Point Script (Silent Aim, Skin Changer, No Recoil, Aimbot, Infinite Ammo & More)

Copy the script below to level up your FPS shooting experience. Make sure to use the most effective executor/exploit to make your intense battle more fun and challenging. We have a list of available executors here.


Rush Point Script Pastebin

getgenv().Enabled = true
getgenv().FOV = 100
getgenv().Priority = 'Head'
getgenv().HitPercentage = 100

loadstring(syn.request({Url = '', Method = 'GET'}).Body)()
-- // Dependencies
local Aiming = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

-- // Services
local Workspace = game:GetService("Workspace")

-- // Vars
local CurrentCamera = Workspace.CurrentCamera
local CFramelookAt = CFrame.lookAt

-- // Hook
local __index
__index = hookmetamethod(game, "__index", function(t, k)
    -- // Make sure it is the shoot function trying to get the camera's cframe
    if (not checkcaller() and t == CurrentCamera and k == "CFrame" and Aiming.Check() and debug.validlevel(3) and #debug.getupvalues(3) == 11) then
        local Origin = __index(t, k).Position
        local Destination = Aiming.SelectedPart.Position

        local Modified = CFramelookAt(Origin, Destination)
        return Modified

    -- // Return old
    return __index(t, k)

How To Use Rush Point Script

Follow these simple steps on how to use the Rush Point Script:

1. Choose an effective executor/exploit from the list (Free & Paid)
2. Download the executor you prefer. We have our list here.
3. Launch the Roblox game first, then the executor
4. When both the Roblox game and executor are open, press Inject or Attach (it depends on what executor you are using)
5. Paste the script you want to use
6. Press the Execute or Play button (again it depends on what executor you are using)
7. That’s all, enjoy using the Rush Point script GUI

About The Rush Point Script

Rush Point Script 

The Roblox Rush Point Script is a set of unique codes that allows the user to have auto-aim features to become a more effective shooter in every match. With its efficient algorithms and instinctive interface, it is very easy to use even if you are a newbie player or an experienced player.

A truly impressive tool for success in every Roblox game you will be part of.

By using the best script of the game, you now have an advantage over other players in terms of weapon collections and other useful equipment. It also gives you exclusive crates that contain unique skins and avatars to stand out from others inside the war zone.

If you are looking for the latest Rush Point Codes to power up your tactical shooting experience, you can collect them now.

Always remember that all kinds of game scripts are illegal and may violate the Roblox Terms of Service, resulting in an account banning or other punishments. Be careful when using the script to avoid any game trouble while playing Roblox.

So what are you waiting for? Download the appropriate script of the game and start dominating the challenging world of Rush Point today.

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