World Of Magic Codes

Whether you are a wizard or a dark wizard it doesn’t matter, all you need is to become the best magic spell user in the game. By using the World of Magic Codes, you can be part of the most powerful wizards that will save the world from evil or the one who will cover the world with darkness.

These game codes contain free rewards such as crowns, crown multipliers, or exp multipliers that will help you to create the best wizard in the world of magic easily. Would you save the world or destroy it?

World Of Magic Codes

List of Active World of Magic Codes

Use all of these free game codes to receive in-game currency and multipliers that you can use in your daily adventures. Make sure you will redeem all these codes before they expire in the upcoming game updates. 


List of Expired World of Magic Codes

These codes are no longer working in the game. Check our website for more game news and updates.


How To Redeem World of Magic Codes

– Launch World of Magic in Roblox

– Click the 9-dotted button on the left side of the screen

– Click the Twitter icon in the menu

– Enter the code in the textbox

– Click “redeem code” and receive your free rewards

About the game

Are you a good wizard that wants to protect the world against evil because of their wrong deeds? Or do you want to become a dark wizard to learn forbidden magic and to be on the wanted list of the Magic Council? You can experience each of those factions in the World of Magic in Roblox.

World of Magic is a roleplaying adventure game where you will learn different kinds of magic and fight other players. Choose what faction you will join and enhance your magic spells to become the best wizard in the game. A kind of game that will surely be fun and entertaining to be part of it.

World of Magic was created by vetexgames on February 16, 2023, and reached 385 thousand visits as of today. A newly released game in Roblox where you can experience intense battles against the best wizards across the game. All you need is to level up to gain skill points that you can use to upgrade your magic spell and abilities.

chlling at the lobby in World of Magic

Complete all the adventure quests from the NPC to receive game exp and crowns (in-game currency). This in-game currency can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and useful items to level up your character. You can also create guilds and recruit the best wizards to form the most feared organization in the game. Explore the World of Magic and be a part of the most powerful group of magic spell users either the wizards or dark wizards. 

World of Magic is a roleplaying adventure game in Roblox where you will choose one between a wizard and a dark wizard before the adventure begins. Customize your in-game character for a better appearance and choose the element you will use in the game.

Complete all the quests to receive game exp and crowns that you can use to purchase weapons and other equipment. Fight against the best players in the game to increase your rank and become more popular in the leaderboards. Can your unique magic spell and PVP skills make you the most powerful wizard in the game? Join the experience now.

World of Magic Frequently Asked Question

What is the best magic in the world of magic?

Fire magic is the best magic because of its high damage and fast-casting spell element.

How to collect a lot of crowns in the world of magic?

Complete all the quests to receive crowns and open some chests that randomly respawn around the map. These chests contain a certain number of crowns.

What is the fastest way to level up in the world of magic?

Complete the quest, Arena PVP, and explore the world map

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