Sword Fighters Simulator Codes

Defeating tyrant mobs and bosses in this game is not just easy. It takes time and power to kill them faster but with the help of our Sword Fighters Simulator Codes, worries no more.

Check out the newest and most updated game codes to earn free rewards such as in-game coins, damage boosters, coin boosters, and lucky chance boosters. These items can help you to complete all the quests faster than anybody.

defeating a mob in Sword Fighters Simulator

List of Active Sword Fighters Simulator Codes

Redeem all of these game codes to receive free rewards and game boosters that you can use on your daily adventure exploration. These are limited-time only so make sure to redeem the game codes before they expire. 


List of Expired Sword Fighters Simulator

These codes are no longer working. 


How To Redeem Sword Fighters Simulator Codes

– Launch the Sword Fighters Simulator in Roblox

– Click the “shop” or “basket” button on the left side of the screen

– Look for the Twitter icon in the menu and click it

– Enter the codes in the textbox

– Click the enter button and claim your rewards

About the game

You can collect the most precious swords and use them to defeat all the enemies across the game. By Playing Sword Fighters Simulator in Roblox you can collect various kinds of swords on your daily adventure. Take all the game quests to receive game exp and coins to level up your character.

You can obtain sword weapons by killing mobs and get the chance to loot common to legendary types of swords. Unlock all the adventure world by completing quests and upgrade your abilities on each of those maps using the in-game coins.

Hatch different kinds of pets and use their abilities such as damage multiplier. Are you lucky enough to obtain legendary swords and pets? Join the experience and show us what you’ve got.

standing at the arena in Sword Fighters Simulator

Sword Fighters Simulator was created by FullSprint Games on September 25, 2022, and reached 143 million visits as of today. The game is all about sword collecting adventure where you can also hatch different pets as companions.

The better pets you have, the more damage multiplier you can get. The power of your sword depends on the swing you make, with every swing there’s additional damage you earn. Fight against tyrant mobs and bosses to receive quality swords and in-game coins to unlock different adventure maps. 

Sword Fighters Simulator is a sword adventure game in Roblox where you will collect different kinds of swords and pets to unlock all the adventure maps. Complete all the game quests to receive exp and coins that you can use in upgrading the character’s abilities and hatch the best quality pets.

You will earn extra damage on every swing you made, the more swing the higher damage you can deal in the mobs or bosses. Explore the world of Sword Fighters Simulator and be the one who owns the most powerful sword and pets across the game. 

Sword Fighters Simulator Frequently Asked Question

What is blood moon in Sword Fighters Simulator Codes?

Blood Moon is an in-game event that has a 50% of chance occurring every 2 hours of the game. During the event time, exclusive mobs will respawn and have a small chance to drop an exclusive Blood Moon Secret Sword, typically the most powerful sword in the game.

How to get more Sword Fighters Simulator Codes?

By killing NPC mobs and bosses across the adventure map.

How to become a VIP in Sword Fighters Simulator Codes?

By purchasing a VIP gamepass and claim exclusive rewards just for the VIP members.

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