Super Evolution Codes

Be the strongest Super Saiyan in the whole universe and defend the planet Earth from evil invaders with the help of Super Evolution Codes. These game codes contain exclusive rewards that you can use to become the strongest Saiyan in a faster way.

Redeem all the active codes of the game to receive coins orbs, and Stats multipliers instantly. This will help you achieve the strongest fighter build you are looking for to reach the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

me flying at Super Evolution

List of Active Super Evolution Codes

Here is the list of the most active game codes in the game. Make sure to redeem all of these working codes to receive free rewards and freebies before they expire in the upcoming game updates.


List of Expired Super Evolution Codes

These game codes are already expired and are no longer available at this moment. Wait for the next game updates or check their game description to receive the latest working codes of the game.


How To Redeem Super Evolution Codes

– Launch the Super Evolution in Roblox

– Click the CODES button on the left side of the screen

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Click confirm and claim your rewards

About The Super Evolution Game 

Get ready to save the planet Earth against the strongest evils who want to conquer different planets in this intense action game. By playing Super Evolution, create the strongest fighter that will protect the entire galaxy against all wicked intruders.

This game was inspired by the most famous anime in the early ’90s Dragon Ball Z which makes it more exciting to play. Fight alongside your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and many more anime characters.

Super Evolution was created by InnoVision on January 28, 2021, and reached 82 million visits as of today. The game focuses on creating an anime fighter that you will use to explore different adventure maps in the game. Before your journey begins, you must train regularly to strengthen your four basic Stats such as power, endurance, spirit, and agility.

waiting for the tournament to start in Super Evolution

Your character’s Stats are also used to open certain game quests to earn Zeni (in-game currency) and orbs to purchase Stats multipliers and hero companions. These hero companions will help you gain extra stats, and the better-quality companions you acquired, the more stats will be gained.

Test your PVP skills outside the safe zone or compete in Saiyan Tournament to challenge some of the strongest fighters across the servers to receive exclusive rewards. 

Super Evolution is an anime fighting adventure game in Roblox where players will customize and create their anime fighters to start the adventure. Train your four basic Stats to become stronger and learn special skills and abilities that you can use in your daily adventures and PVP fights.

Level up your anime fighter by reaching the maximum power level of each Stats to transform into a more powerful Saiyan. Train hard to reach the last Super Saiyan transformation to become the most powerful fighter in the whole universe. 

Super Evolution Frequently Asked Question

How to get more super evolution codes?

Follow @InnoVisionGames on Twitter or visit the game description in Roblox for more news and updates about the upcoming release of new sets of active game codes

How do you evolve in super evolution?

You can unlock different types of evolution when you reach the maximum power level of that certain evolution rank. With each evolution, your resource multipliers will also increase to get a higher number of Zeni and Stats always.

What are the orbs used for?

Orbs in Super Evolution are used to summon random hero companions in the game. Try your luck to get a chance of summoning better-quality heroes that contain random stats multipliers.

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