Space Tycoon Codes

Get ready to conquer the whole universe by using the Space Tycoon Codes. These game codes contain the most useful items in the game such as in-game cash, gems, and dark matter that you can use to unlock exclusive equipment and facilities to create the most advanced space station on every planet you own.

Experience also action gameplay by killing all the alien NPCs that will ruin your space station. Be the best space tycoon and conquer all the planets across the universe. 

Space Tycoon Codes

List of Active Space Tycoon Codes

Redeem all of these game codes to receive exclusive rewards and freebies that you can use in your daily journey in outer space. These are limited-time-only codes so make sure to use all of them before they expire.

Thirty Thousand
Space Tycoon

List of Expired Space Tycoon Codes

These game codes are no longer working. The new list of game codes will be posted after the game reaches 50,000 likes.

Five Thousand

How To Redeem Space Tycoon Codes

– Launch the Space Tycoon in Roblox

– Click the settings icon on the left side of the screen

– Click the “Enter Codes” button in the settings menu

– Enter the game code in another textbox that appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen

– Press the enter key on your keyboard and claim your rewards

About the game

Are you ready to explore the galaxy and fight against aliens from other planets? This game will be perfect for those who love alien theme kinds of games. By playing Space Tycoon in Roblox, experience the most realistic outer space journey that you could ever imagine. The game is all about building your NASA headquarters here on Earth to observe and conquer outer space.

After you build your space satellites and space rockets, you are now ready to explore outer space and take all the quests to earn extra in-game currency and gems. Collect all the in-game currency and gems to create the most advanced space station across the game.

Space Tycoon was created by Owen30650 on September 22, 2021, and reached 13 million visits as of today. You will start building your space station here on Earth to study and observe outer space to earn cash. In every facility you unlock, your earnings will be increased until your space station is completely built.

Space Tycoon Codes

When you are now able to explore different planets, take up all the game quests to earn extra resources that you can use in the game. Purchase different planets to expand your headquarters and build another space station on each planet you bought. But be careful on exploring some planets, you might encounter some aliens that will try to kill you. So bring your best weapon in the game in case danger is nearby you.

Space Tycoon is a space adventure game in Roblox where players need to build their space headquarters to earn in-game resources. Complete all the game quests to earn in-game cash and gems to finalize the construction of your space station.

Buy as many planets as you can and expand your space station on every planet you have. You can also collect powerful weapons to fight against the aliens in outer space and protect your space headquarters from any danger. Invite your friends and help each other to build an international space station and establish a successful space tycoon in the game.

Space Tycoon Frequently Asked Question

What do gems do in Space Tycoon?

Gems are used to purchase the higher-level pickaxes to mine ores in the Space Tycoon.

How to collect dynamite in Space Tycoon?

Dynamite can be found within the fences on the lower part of the Mining Grounds in Space Tycoon.

What is Space Tycoon Moon Bunker?

Moon Bunker is a place where you need to open in the quest. You must go to the moon to find the key and secret code to unlock the moon bunker on Earth.

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