Soul War Codes

Get ready for an intense evil spirit hunting to save the world from unimaginable darkness with the help of Soul War Codes. These game codes contain valuable items such as Yen, EXP boost, and Race Reroll that will help you to level up your gameplay easily.

Purchase the most powerful katana for Shinigami or Bow and Arrow for Quincy using Yen to finish the quests and boss raids instantly. 

fighting monster at Soul War

List of Active Soul War Codes

Redeem all of these game codes to receive exclusive rewards that you can use in the game. Make sure to use them before they expire in the upcoming game updates.

!code 10MVisits!
!code ZangetsuTime!
!code IchigoTime!
!code BYAKUYA!
!code 9MVisits!
!code Sorry4TheWait4Raids2!
!code itsalmosttime!
!code Sorry4TheShutdown2!
!code AttemptCodeFix!
!code DasALotOfMoney
!code SoMuchYen!
!code ZangetsuIsComing!
!code LateNightUpdate!
!code ApexIsSorry!
!code oSyoSyoSy!
!code NewModesSoon!
!code Sorry4TheBug3!
!code Cross!
!code SORRY!
!code RaceReroll12024444
!code CrazyCommunity!
!code CashMoneyUpdate1
!code 3kPlayers!
!code Adoniscantscript
!code MaloniTrash!
!code Release2023
!code RobloxServers
!code RandomCash!
!code SINNER
!code VizardK
!code UpdateSoon!
!code LateNightHotfix!
!code WhyAreCodesNotWorking!
!code Sorry4TheWait4Raids!
!code SorryShutdownCode!
!code Sorry4TheShutdown1!
!code ZangetsuAndSenbon!
!code AttemptCodeFixTwo!
!code WoahVFX!
!code ZangetsuSoon!
!code BossRaidsUpNext!
!code DevsCookin!
!code RaidsAreBack!
!code Min2UPD1ReiatsuReRoll!
!code GamesBack!
!code MiniUPD1RaceRoll!
!code Update2
!code ixstudiosix!
!code 8MVisits!
!code Update2ExpBoost
!code RaceRerollUpdate1
!code WereSorryUpdate1
!code SenbonzakuraSoon!
!code 4KPLAYERS!
!code CashMoney23
!code 10Days!
!code Update2soon!
!code 2MVISITS

List of Expired Soul War Codes

These are the expired game codes of the game. Wait for the upcoming game updates to receive exclusive rewards by using the game’s working codes.

!code 1MVISITS
!code 3MVISITS
!code 10KLIKES
!code UPDATE1
!code UPDATE0
!code 50KMEMBERS

How To Redeem Soul War Codes

– Launch the Soul War in Roblox

– Look for the chatbox on the upper left corner of the screen

– Enter the game codes in the chatbox

– Press enter on your keyboard and claim your rewards

About The Soul War Game

Save the entire human race against the terrifying evil spirits that will bring darkness and fear to the whole world. By playing Soul War in Roblox, eliminate all these terrifying evil spirits roaming all over the city that kill innocent people.

This game was inspired by the famous Japanese anime series Bleach, so it is expected to have intense action fight gameplay across the map. Can you defeat all these monsters to save the entire humanity from any threat of danger? 

Soul War was created by Soul War [ MAIN GROUP ] on November 17, 2020, and reached 10 million visits as of today. Before the adventure begins, you will be given a random race, to be a Human, a Quincy, or a Trainee.

shopping at Soul War

Explore the adventure map and take up all the quests to earn Yen that you can use in purchasing different outfits and weapons. Level up your character by killing evil spirits around the map to earn point stats that you will use in upgrading your abilities. Participate in all boss raids to receive exclusive rewards in the game.

Soul War is an anime fighting adventure in Roblox where players must train to become the strongest Shinigami, Hollow, or Quincy that will protect the people and cities from evil spirits. 

Create the strongest fighter that you will have to fight against other players thru a PVP match and finish boss raids for extra rewards. A truly exciting action game that you can experience by defeating not just only monsters but also other Shinigami or Quincy. 

Soul War Frequently Asked Question

What is soul war Trello?

Soul war codes Trello is just like a Roblox Wiki where you will learn all the information about the game such as the active codes, the concept of the game, NPC, bosses, controls, maps, etc.

What are the best races in soul war?

Best races in Soul War are Quincy and Sinner because they are considered S-tier races in the game

What is the best Shikai in Soul War?

The Beast, also known as Zabimaru is considered the best Shikai weapon in Soul War because it can deal higher damage against opponents and turns your attack into guardbreaks.

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