Random Rumble Codes

Being the best fighter in the game is very easy but being the coolest? It is another story. But don’t worry we can help you to achieve that both. By the use of Random Rumble Codes, you can receive free in-game coins that help you to obtain cool and unique game effects and avatars. So, what are you waiting for, redeem now and show us a better appearance of you while on a battlefield.

random rumble codes

List of Active Random Rumble Codes

Redeem all these game codes to receive free in-game coins that can help you in the game. Stay tuned for more game updates and a new set of codes in the future.


List of Expired Random Rumble Codes

There are no expired codes as of now. 

How To Redeem Random Rumble Codes

– Launch the Random Rumble in Roblox

– Click the Dollar sign ($) on the top of the screen

– Enter the code in the Twitter icon textbox

– Press enter key on your keyboard and receive the rewards

About the Game

Are you looking for a fun and intense game where you can experience non-stop action gameplay? Why don’t you try this Random Rumble in Roblox?  Random Rumble is a fighting game simulator in Roblox where players can experience the most epic battle inside the arena. It is a fight between you versus all, a very intense rumble fight that makes the game very entertaining.

Inside the arena, there are various kinds of weapons, abilities, or even taunts that you can use to fight all the players on the battlefield. Every time you die in the arena, there’s a random weapon or ability you can equip. Can you survive in an all-out war against the best fighters across the battlefield? So, what are you waiting for? LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

at random rumble center stage

Random Rumble was created by Lucky Leek Productions on April 14, 2021, and reached 100 million visits as of today. The game is all about who is the best fighter in the world of Random Rumble. It is one against the world theme and all you have to do is to get the most kill in the arena to win. You can also receive in-game coins that you can use to purchase unique kill effects and avatars.

Be the coolest fighter on the battlefield and kill as many enemies as you can. Collect all the game badges after completing tasks to show your milestone in the game. Are your PVP skills and unique combos can bring you to the top ranking in the game leaderboard? Let’s see if you make it to the top.

Random Rumble is a fighting game simulator in Roblox where you can experience a non-stop action fight inside the game arena. Every respawn, there is a certain set of weapons, abilities, or taunts that you can equip. Use all of these items to kill all the enemies to win the game.

Collect all game badges every time you completed a task or daily log-ins to show your in-game milestones. Rewards such as game coins can be used to purchase kill effects or avatars for a better appearance in the game. The player who gets the most kill will be the winner of the game. Are your fighting skills will be enough to become the best fighter in the game? Join the experience now.

Random Rumble Codes Frequently Asked Question

What are random rumble badges?

Random Rumble badges are considered game trophies or milestones that players need to accomplish. It also shows your progress in the game by completing all the tasks in the game.

What is random rumble codes?

Random Rumble codes contain various kinds of rewards such as in-game coins that can be used to purchase kill effects and avatars.

What are the random rumble items?

These are the weapons you can use such as Ban Hammer, Baseball Bat, Charger, Crucible, Freedom Punch, and Ghostwalker.

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