Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

Establish the biggest oil refinery plant and produce tons of oil barrels with the help of Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes. These game codes will give you instant cash to purchase additional oil facilities and exclusive war equipment for defensive purposes. Explore the whole map look for an abandoned oil depot and try to rebuild it to receive more exciting rewards throughout the game. 

aiming the target in Oil Warfare Tycoon

List of Active Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

These are limited-time-only game codes that you can use to receive exclusive rewards in the game. Make sure to redeem all of them before they expire in the following updates.


List of Expired Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

These game codes are no longer available and already expired in the game. Wait for the upcoming update of the game to receive the latest working codes to be redeemed.


How To Redeem Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

– Launch the Oil Warfare Tycoon in Roblox

– Click the Twitter button on the right side of the screen

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Click redeem and claim your rewards instantly

About Oil Warfare Tycoon

Get ready for the upcoming military war action where only the richest oil tycoon will survive. By playing Oil Warfare Tycoon, obtain the most abundant oil reserves territory to produce large amounts of oil and sell them to earn in-game currency. Invite all your friends and capture different neutral areas together to expand your military forces across the game.

Oil Warfare Tycoon was created by Green Titans Entertainment on May 14, 2021, and reached 1.1 million visits as of today. The objective of the game is to build oil-generating structures and military warfare units to defend your facility.

getting ready in Oil Warfare Tycoon

Collect huge amounts of cash to purchase high-powered rifles and war vehicles to survey random areas for possible oil reserves. Be the most powerful oil tycoon in the entire server and deploy special military forces to fight against enemy invaders until you reach the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

Oil Warfare Tycoon is a military-theme gameplay in Roblox where oil is the most precious treasure you need to acquire. You can also conquer other players’ oil facilities and takeover their productions to speed up your oil resources.

Earn instant cash for every player you shoot down and use it to make your building progress more productive. Are you excited enough to experience an oil conflict and be part of the intense warfare? Join the oil exploration adventure now.

Oil Warfare Tycoon Frequently Asked Question

What is the best weapon in Oil warfare tycoon?

The MCX Spear is the best weapon in the Oil Warfare Tycoon due to its high damage power and pinpoint accuracy. This weapon is also perfect in different situations such as close, medium, and even long-range tactical combat.

What is Oil Warfare Tycoon Code Wiki?

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes wiki works as a game encyclopedia that gives all the information about the game such as the list of codes, weapons, in-game currency, oil facilities, maps, etc.

How to get more Oil Warfare Tycoon codes?

Follow @WarTycoonRBLX on Twitter and join the KizmoTek Discord server for more news and updates about the latest working codes soon to be released in the game.

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