Noodle Arms Codes

Equip the coolest noodle arm skins and powerful swords with the help of the most active Noodle Arms Codes. These game codes contain exclusive rewards and in-game coins that you can use to spice up your character’s appearance in the game. You can also compete in a PVP match inside the battle arena and fight against powerful enemies to become the strongest of all.

me and my friend at Noodle Arms

List of Active Noodle Arms Codes

These are the active codes that you can use to receive exclusive rewards in the game. Make sure to redeem all of them before they expire in the next update of the game.


List of Expired Noodle Arms Codes

There are no expired game codes at this moment. Wait for the upcoming update of the game to receive the new list of working game codes that you can use in your daily journey.

How To Redeem Noodle Arms Codes

– Launch the Noodle Arms in Roblox

– Click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Click redeem and claim your rewards

About The Noodle Arms Game

Level up your parkour experience by jumping, climbing, swinging, and many more obstacle tricks in this silly and entertaining adventure game.

By playing Noodle Arms in Roblox, explore different adventure maps with your noodle arms and fling yourself to earn more coins in the game.

Invite your friends and race together up high in the sky to experience a fun obstacle game that is worth your time.

Noodle Arms was created by Nosniy Games on January 5, 2019, and reached 88.8 million visits as of today. The objective of the game is to complete different obstacle courses with the help of your noodle arms that can climb and fling tall objects to reach the top.

me in rock arms at Noodle Arms

Collect huge amounts of coins by picking them around the map and use them to purchase unique noodle arm skins and weapons. Test your sword fighting skills by entering the PVP arena and fight different enemies to earn more exciting rewards in the game.

Be one of the best players in the entire game by completing the hardest obstacle course and climb high until you reach the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

Noodle Arms is a silly Obby adventure game in Roblox where players must use their noodle arms to jump and climb the highest obstacle objects until they reach the finish line.

Look around and get a chance to find hidden quests that will give you secret rewards such as exclusive skins or pets to become more unique in your daily grind.

Are your parkour skills good enough to be part of noodle arms’ greatest players? Join the experience now.

Noodle Arms Frequently Asked Question

How to get shadow arms in noodle arms?

Teleport to HOUSE and go to the backyard area. Look for the white cup in the sky and go inside there to unlock an in-game badge that will give you the shadow arms as a reward. Make sure to use the cannon and blast yourself off to reach the cup in a more convenient way.

What is noodle arms codes wiki?

Noodle arms codes wiki works as a game encyclopedia that gives all the information about the game such as the list of codes, maps, currency, skins, weapons, pets, etc.

How to get more noodle arms codes?

Follow @NosniyRBLX on Twitter and join the Nosniy Games Discord server for more news and updates about the upcoming release of the newest working codes of the game.

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