Mage Tycoon Codes

Level up your magical spells and elemental weapon to conquer the world of sorcery with the help of Mage Tycoon Codes. These game codes will give you instant cash and game boosters to maximize your earning rate in a certain period of time. Explore different world maps and fight the strongest wizards to earn more exciting rewards in the game. 

at the fortress in Mage Tycoon

List of Active Mage Tycoon Codes

These game codes are limited-time-only so make sure to redeem all of them to receive free gift rewards before they expire in the upcoming updates of the game.


List of Expired Mage Tycoon Codes

There are no expired codes of the game at this moment. Enjoy using all the active codes listed above to receive useful items that you can use in your daily adventure.

How To Redeem Mage Tycoon Codes

– Launch the Mage Tycoon in Roblox

– Click the menu or book icon on the left side of the screen

– Look for the settings button then click it

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Click redeem and claim your rewards

About The Mage Tycoon Game

Unlock your elemental power and build the most progressive wizard camp in this newest adventure game in Roblox. By playing Mage Tycoon, build the strongest camp and upgrade all your magic spells to become the master of all elements.

Invite your friends and team up together to conquer different wizard tycoons to become the most feared magic spell user in the game.

Mage Tycoon was created by Mage // Tycoon on December 17, 2022, and reached 11.5 million visits as of today. Before the adventure begins, choose one of the four basic elements that you will use and start to build your wizard camp. Set up now your cash dropper to earn in-game cash per second and use them to purchase other structures and equipment.

me at the spell arena in Mage Tycoon

You can also build a spell-generating machine and enhance them to deal more damage in the game. Explore around the map and get a chance to loot random respawn crates that contain certain amounts of cash, EXP, or gems. Upgrade all your special abilities such as power, speed, and gem earning rate by the use of gems to become stronger in your daily grind.

Mage Tycoon is a tycoon adventure game in Roblox where players must build their magic tycoon structures to produce powerful magic spells that they can use in a PVP match against other players.

Unlock other powerful elements and build their own elemental facilities to obtain their special magic spells and weapons. Be one of the strongest magic spell users in the game to reach the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

Mage Tycoon Frequently Asked Question

What does dark aura do in mage tycoon?

Dark aura is one of the four skills of the dark element in mage tycoon. It applies life steal to other Dark moves and boosts HP by 150 in a short period of time.

What is the best element in mage tycoon?

Before your tycoon adventure begins, you will choose between four basic elements: water, fire, earth, and wind. Each of these elements possesses unique skills and abilities that you can use against other magic spell users. Create your own fighting style and spell combos to survive in the world of sorcery.

What is mage tycoon codes wiki?

Mage Tycoon codes wiki works as a game encyclopedia that gives all the information about the game such as the list of codes, world maps, spell elements, weapons, crates, etc.

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