Hunter X Athena Codes

Can you survive against powerful enemies and become the best Hunter in the game? If you are looking for the Hunter X Athena Codes to achieve that goal, you are in the right place.

We listed the most updated game codes of the game so that you can redeem all of them to receive exclusive rewards that you can use to level up your character.

These game codes contain useful items such as clan reroll, nen reroll, and face reroll to unlock special Nen abilities and have a better appearance in the game. 

me stading at staduim in Hunter X Athena

List of Active Hunter X Athena Codes

These game codes are limited-time-only so make sure to redeem all of them to claim free rewards and freebies. Wait for the upcoming game updates to receive the new set of working game codes of the game.


List of Expired Hunter X Athena Codes

These game codes are no longer available and already expired. Kindly visit our website for more news and updates about the upcoming list of new active codes of the game.


How To Redeem Hunter X Athena Codes

– Launch Hunter X Athena in Roblox

– Click the codes button on the left side of the screen

– Enter the game codes in the textbox

– Press enter key on your keyboard and claim your rewards

About The Hunter X Athena Game

Get ready to discover the hidden secrets of the Dark Continent by simply playing this newest anime theme gameplay here in Roblox. Build the strongest fighter that you can have to explore different adventure maps and defeat all the enemies on it.

This game was inspired by the very famous Japanese anime series Hunter X Hunter which makes the game more exciting to play. Fight alongside your favorite Hunter x Hunter anime heroes like Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and many more anime characters in the game.

Hunter X Athena was created by Eternal on April 12, 2022, and reached 1.1 million visits as of today. The game focuses on intense training to awaken your aura and Nen to complete the adventure game.

inside my house at Hunter X Athena

Finish all the game quests to earn EXP and Jeni (in-game currency) that you will use in purchasing weapons, abilities, and other customizing items.

Reroll as many as you can until you obtain the most powerful Nen abilities that you can use in your daily journey. Be part of the strongest clans in the game to earn the highest spot in the game leaderboards.

Hunter X Athena is an anime theme adventure game in Roblox where players need to power up their special Nen abilities to become the strongest hunter in the game. Explore different adventure maps and collect Nen reroll to get a higher chance of obtaining the best quality Nen that makes you stronger.

Defeat all the enemies and finish each quest to earn in-game currency that you can use to purchase useful items. Level up your game and experience the Hunter x Hunter atmosphere while playing Roblox.

Hunter X Athena Frequently Asked Question

What is Hunter x Athena codes wiki?

Hunter x Athena codes wiki is like a game encyclopedia where players can learn all information about the game such as active codes, special abilities, Nen, aura, maps, quests, NPC, clans, etc.

What are the best clans in Hunter x Athena?

There are three best clans in HxA: Netero Clan, Morrow Clan, and Kurta Clan. All these three clans belong to the S-Tier group.

How to get more Hunter x Athena codes?

Follow @_AthenaStudio on Twitter or join the r/HunterXHunter Discord server for more news and updates about the release of the latest working game codes of the game.

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