Escape the Darkness Codes

To kill or to be killed, all you need is to create a perfect build that can survive in the darkness. With the help of Escape the Darkness Codes, you can create a perfect class with unique abilities to survive in every challenge of the darkness.

These game codes contain shards that you can use to purchase new classes and roll to obtain quality perks. Perks are the class’s unique abilities that will help you to succeed in every role you play. Redeem now to earn certain numbers of shards and roll for perks until you obtain the best one.

preparing my self in Escape the Darkness

List of Active Escape the Darkness Codes

These game codes are limited-time-only so made sure to redeem all of these codes before they expire after the new game updates.


List of Expired Escape the Darkness Codes

These game codes are no longer working. Wait for the upcoming game updates to receive new game codes and earn exclusive rewards for free.


How To Redeem Escape the Darkness Codes

– Launch Escape the Darkness in Roblox

– Click the store button on the main menu

– Enter the code in the code textbox at the top of the screen

– Press enter on your keyboard and claim your rewards

About the game

Can you survive the killer’s deadly machete and escape from a near-death situation? Or become the killer and take out all the survivors. You can play both of those roles in this horror adventure game. By playing Escape the Darkness in Roblox, experience the most terrifying horror game that you could ever imagine.

The game was inspired by a very famous killer character and used it as the in-game killer. All you have to do is finish all the game objectives to earn EXP and shards. How long can you survive in the world of darkness?

Escape The Darkness was created by Bitware Games on October 27, 2020, and reached 28 million visits as of today. The game has two options, play as the killer or become the survivor. Being the killer, your main objective is to kill as many players as you can before they escape or runs out of time.

at the lobby in Escape the Darkness

And if you are the survivor, you must hide from the killer, save your injured teammates, restore the power generators by completing the objectives, and escape together before the killer cut you off.

On every objective you complete, you will earn EXP and shards that you can use to unlock new character classes with exclusive abilities. What role do you prefer, the killer or the survivor? 

Escape The Darkness is a horror adventure game in Roblox where you can play as the killer or the survivor. Each of these roles has its own objectives to complete to win the game. You can purchase different classes and roll for perks to obtain better abilities that you can use to survive in the game.

Be the best player in every role you play to earn extra rewards. All you have to do as the killer is to take out all the players before they completed the objectives and escape together. Or repair the power generators, save your teammates, and find the right place to escape if you are the survivor. Join the experience now and feel the fun and terrifying game at the same time.

Escape the Darkness Frequently Asked Question

What is the best killer in escaping the darkness?

The Scarecrow is the best killer in Escaping the Darkness because of its wider array of movement options and it can also pressure the survivor close by.

What is escape the darkness scripts?

Escape the Darkness scripts contain auto-farm features on both sides. As a killer, you can kill everyone quickly. The script works like an in-game cheat or hack.

What is the tier list in escape the darkness?

The tier list in Escape the Darkness is the list of the best perks in the game. From rank S to rank D perks are listed in the tier list.

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