Aniverse Codes

Since the game is so interesting, you will meet many powerful opponents that can defeat you easily. But it is not a problem, you can still manage to win against them without spending any real money.

By using Aniverse Codes, you can earn free rewards and in-game coins that you can use to enhance your ability and fighting stats to give your opponent a good fight. 

Aniverse Codes

List of Active Aniverse Codes


Here are the active codes that you can redeem for free rewards and freebies. Use all of these codes before it expires in the next game update.

List of Expired Aniverse Codes


These codes are no longer working. Just wait for the next update to receive the new list of codes.

How to Redeem Aniverse Codes

– Launch the Aniverse in Roblox

– On the game screen, look for the settings icon and click it

– Enter the codes in the textbox located at the bottom of the settings menu

– Click submit and receive your rewards

About the game

If you are an anime fanatic and want to bring your anime vibes to the game, this game is perfect for you. By playing Aniverse in Roblox, express the anime spirit inside of you. Aniverse in Roblox is a fighting game simulator that tests your game fighting skills and techniques in the game. Before you enter the game, you will choose to pick one anime character from four famous anime in the choices. After you choose, start to explore the map and finish all the quests to earn in-game coins and shards. 

Aniverse Codes

Aniverse was created by the user named Aniverse on February 7, 2021, and reached 6 million visits as of today. This game is about using famous anime characters from around the world to explore the game’s adventures and fight the best players across the game. Be the best anime fighter in the world of Aniverse by defeating all the players using your ultimate skills and powerful fighting styles.

Aniverse Codes

Aniverse in Roblox is a fighting game adventure where you need to enhance all your stats and skills to defeat all the opponents you will meet across the game. The most interesting part of this game is you have the chance to use all your favorite anime heroes. Collect all the in-game coins and shards to purchase your favorite anime characters and use them to fight on your side against the best players in the world. Test your unique PVP skills and combos to win in any situation and be the best player in the Aniverse world.

What are the codes in aniverse?

Aniverse codes contain the most useful items in the game such as in-game coins and shards. These items can be used to purchase different anime characters and use for upgrading them. Build your best fighters faster than the others by using the game codes.

What is Aniverse Wiki?

Aniverse wiki is a list of active and expired game codes in the game. Players can easily redeem this list of working codes for a better gaming experience.

How to Access Aniverse Discord?

Join the Aniverse Discord group using this link:

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